Bermuda Nursing Home

The opening of the Bermuda Nursing Home in a house on Montpelier Road, Devonshire around 1904 created training and employment opportunities for Black nurses. The Nursing Home, which moved into larger premises in Middletown, was founded by British military physician Dr. A. G. Pentrieth, Berkeley Institute headmaster George DaCosta and others to serve residents in the area. It was run by the Friendly Societies. In 1919, the Nursing Home was training about four women annually in practical nursing, midwifery and district work.

Miriam Tankard, Ina Tucker Ratteray, Ruth Usher, Celeste Stowe, Joyce Williams and Rhoda Edness are just some names of Nursing Home graduates, but there were many others.

In 1936, the Nursing Home moved into the Cottage Hospital building on Happy Valley Road and was renamed the Cottage Hospital Nursing Home.