Earl Cameron, CBE


1917 - 2020

Earl Cameron earned a place in the annals of film as a pioneering black British actor.  His groundbreaking role in the 1951 film Pool of London made him a star. He went on to make films that were notable for their realistic portrayals of black people.

Born on Angle Street, Earl Cameron had no aspirations to be an actor. He left Bermuda in 1939 and joined the crew of a merchant ship. Several years later he was stranded in London, and found work as a kitchen porter. His acting career came about totally by accident.

He appeared in nearly 40 films as well as in stage plays and television programmes before retiring.  In 2005, he was called out of retirement to appear with Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter and worked steadily for several years after that.

In later years, he received greater recognition in his homeland, most recently in 2012, when City Hall Theatre was renamed in his honour.  His death at age 102 garnered headlines on both sides of the Atlantic.