John Barritt, Sr.

Businessman; Treasurer, Berkeley Educational Society

1855 - 1939

John Barritt was one of the few white Bermudians who gave tangible support to The Berkeley Institute during its formative years. He served under three chairmen of the Berkeley Educational Society. He was treasurer for eight years, vice-chairman for eight years and was a member of the committee that in 1897 appointed the school’s first headmaster George DaCosta.

John Barritt was the second owner of Barritt’s Mineral Water Company, which was started by his father William John Barritt. The senior Barritt formed the company in 1874, but died the same year.  John Barritt took it over at the age of 18. He made a success of the company, which is now known as John Barritt and Son, and which made Barritt’s ginger beer a household name.

John Barritt, who was also a member of the Oddfellows Lodge, continues to be recognised by The Berkeley Institute for his contribution to the school, which was committed to the ideal of integrated education from its earliest days.