Annie Foggo

Self-Taught St. David’s Island Nurse/Midwife

1915 - 1993

Annie Foggo was the daughter of St. David’s Island midwife, Alice Maude Carlington.  She got her own start as a midwife when she was about 12. Her mother went into labour; Annie Foggo followed her mother’s instructions and delivered her baby brother Arthur.

Annie Foggo relied on home remedies. She once spoke about saving the life of a child who had pneumonia using an onion poultice, something she had seen her mother do. She cared for people of all ages and usually did not get paid for her services.  

Annie Foggo was the wife of Chesleigh Foggo with whom she had four children. The Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre was named in honour of Annie Foggo and Susan Lamb.