Cyril Outerbridge Packwood

Librarian; Historian; Author,Chained on The Rock

1930 - 1998

Cyril Packwood wrote Chained on the Rock, the first definitive account of slavery in Bermuda.

Passionate about history, which he studied at Fisk University in Tennessee, he sought to shed light on an overlooked aspect of Bermuda’s past.

He also wrote a book about Joseph Hayne Rainey, the St. George’s barber who became the first black person to serve in the US House of Representatives.

He worked for many years as a librarian in the US and in1985, he was appointed head librarian at the Bermuda Library, the first black person in the post.

Mr. Packwood’s deep and abiding love for Bermuda was matched by his love of Africa, where he led cultural tours.